Acne Scar Treatment – Effective Options for Removal


Acne Scar Treatment – Effective Options for Removal

Most kids go through an awkward time when they reach puberty they are painfully aware of their changing bodies and often become reclusive and withdrawn and especially if they suffer from embarrassing acne. One of the worst things about acne is that it normally appears on the face and upper torso exactly where everybody else can see it too.

Acne scars are caused by the upper layer of skin becoming inflamed.  The temptation to squeeze, scratch and pick at acne spots, blackheads and pimples only makes matters worse and also leaves the skin open to secondary infections, causing even more scarring. The worst scars leave deep pits in the surface of the skin, some resembling the pockmarks left by chickenpox.

An effective treatment for acne may start with a change of diet. Eating a balanced diet that includes leafy green vegetables and fruits should replace fried foods and dairy products, especially milk. It may take some experimenting to find an effective acne treatment as everybodys skin is different.

Rather than opt for expensive creams it might be an idea to try some simple homeopathic remedies. Tea tree oil and neem oil have both proven effective in some cases.

Moderate acne can be treated with benzoyl peroxide but care should be taken to ensure it does not irritate the skin further. If benzoyl peroxide is used as a topical antibiotic it is best to stay out of direct sunlight. Doctors are loath to prescribe oral antibiotics these days as they are proving to be ineffective.

Outbreaks of acne in younger women can be alleviated by taking oral contraceptives that contain estrogen and drospirenone, therefore requiring discussion between doctor and parent.

There are a number of creams on the market specifically designed to reduce acne scarring. These can cost up to $200 for a very small amount, but many are ineffective. It may be wiser to consult a dermatologist who can prescribe a proven remedy.

Laser is another way to treat acne scarring. This treatment is relatively new and has mixed results. Some dermatologists suspect that the laser treatment itself can damage skin in other ways.

By combining a change of diet to reduce fat intake, regular exercise to keep oxygen flowing to the skin, a regimen of cleansing the affected areas regularly and not being tempted to scratch and squeeze pimples an acne sufferer may be able to avoid serious scarring altogether. Failing that a visit to a dermatologist may be the only choice.