How to maintain healthy skin


How to maintain healthy skin

In truth, it is too difficult to keep fresh healthy skin. It is mainly being consistent on some basic and simple steps to maintain the nutrition of the skin in optimum condition. Consider these simple tips for a healthy skin.

How to maintain healthy skin? Eight tips to avoid common mistakes

To care for our skin must know the activities that are harmful for her, even if we believe them to be good and thus learn how to correct them.

1 # sugar in the skin

By-products that breaks down the sugar in our stomach give a process called glycation, and this place is damaged collagen that keeps skin smooth and firm. To avoid that this process get out of control, dermatologists recommend to change to low glycemic index carbohydrates, such as for example whole grains that have a natural content very low in sugars and the body digests them and processed slowly which limits the loss of collagen. If what you want is to take sugar in specific as with morning coffee moments, or take the dessert that is tempting, you can now try the natural sweetener Stevia, or sweeteners designed to keep the skin smooth.

2 # stress and skin

You like jogging and burn fat in static bike to get rid of stress, you will feel better for a while when you done sweating, but there is nothing significant to your face and your skin. If in addition to the mere exercise yoga you join daily or weekly fitness routine, you will be helping your skin to keep young and prevent the effects that stress causes skin. There are certain postures and movements of yoga, such as the “sun salutation”, which improve blood circulation. The extra oxygen that causes the yoga is responsible for that typical “brightness of yoga” that is sometimes spoken. There is research that shows that the regular practice of yoga can reduce inflammations and the general level of tension produced by stress, which is what also makes aging the skin. Another argument in favor of deep meditation: the tension caused by the stress activates the production of hormones that lead to the appearance of spots, rashes and aggravate conditions such as e.g. psoriasis. To control our stress also keep the skin calm.

3 # coffee for the skin

To know how to maintain healthy skin there are many foods that you should avoid fatty, sweet, but the greatest enemy according to multiple studies is the coffee. We recommend that you replace coffee with green tea and black contain – protective compounds that help prevent certain types of skin cancer and prevent the reduction in the levels of collagen in our skin, i.e., to reduce wrinkles. So you can keep your energy dose not overdo the coffee.

4 # lift weights and skin

If you go to the gym, many times we believe we run on a treadmill or do stretching is sufficient. Follow a routine of weight lifting can be boring for people who want to dial musculitos, and it is very convenient to reaffirm the muscles that are under our skin. Moreover, older age have, more convenient is because our muscles are relaxing and doing more elastic and less firm, by what the skin ends up literally hanging from them.

5 # meat intake and skin

Currently, although refuses, meat and dairy products that we consume have traces of hormones used in livestock that produces them. Among other things, these hormones can cause acne. It is best to eat less of these products, especially meat, or if you can, move to meat of certified organic production. You will notice that the State of your skin improves much.

6 # alkaline foods and skin

The you and their skin a number of foods that Digest will form alkaline compounds, such as parsley, almonds, cabbage, pears, lemons and apples. These foods can greatly improve the skin condition if we have it very acidic and this often happens when our power is unbalanced. The acidity of the skin known as the pH of the skin, a poor and unbalanced diet eliminates alkaline minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium that strengthen and harden the bones, teeth and the hair and skin.

7 # abuse of physical exercise

Often we deal with get plenty of physical exercise, and that is fine, but do not rest the amount of suitable hours, which has counterproductive effects. A frequent failure is so much exercise that night we cannot rest well of pure fatigue. Poorly done! Excessive exercise causes muscle pain persisting for many days, a loss of weight over time, and the emergence of low heart rates (feel that the heart is you for or beats slower than suddenly), interruptions in the menstrual cycle or loss of appetite. It should be both planned exercise that is perform as the corresponding rest. If enough do not rest so that the body recovers, muscles will eventually be continuously inflamed, and that begins with a simple annoyance eventually can lead to a serious muscle injury or something chronic.

#8. The fat and skin

If suddenly we unbalance our diet, at the end he has also our skin, nails, and our hair. If we radically cut calories and correct and healthy cellular regeneration and in general, keep the tone and texture of the skin. The skin also needs of certain fatty acids – which the body cannot produce by itself – to maintain your hydration levels. Absolutely no calories diet ultimately what is produced is a dry skin, brittle nails and hair loss, in sometimes severe. This is it; I think its help you to maintain a healthy skin.