Tips for Making a Healthy Breakfast


Tips for Making a Healthy Breakfast

Among breakfast, lunch and dinner, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is because you need it to start you day energetically. Breakfast gives you the energy that you need and it prevents you from gastritis (gastro-enteritis). But it is better when you have healthy breakfast. Here are some example meals to guide you to start your healthy breakfast.

Let’s start with eggs. You can try eggs sandwich and do it yourself. Use your imagination. You can add some cheese or mayonnaise, tomato, onion and lettuce. Just get creative! Some people say eggs are badly for you but do not buy it. Eat them but in moderation.

Milk is not only for children. Milk is for everyone. Your bones and teeth are built from the calcium in milk. Lack of calcium can cause your bones and teeth decay. You can milk powder or fresh milk. Get creative with fresh milk likes add some fruits to it and blend. You will love it!

Fruit juice and fruit salads are great for breakfast too. Either makes it at home or buy it from the store but choose a less sugar. Too much sugar in your meal will not give you benefit. The Vitamins C in fruits will give you a lot of benefits.

Most of you don’t like oatmeal but do you now oatmeal really helps your body? Oatmeal can help you to lower your cholesterol level and good for your heart.

Don’t drink too much coffee although it contained antioxidant. The caffeine in coffee is not helping in calcium, iron and vitamins absorption. So it will be a waste if you eat fruits or vegetables and drink coffee or any drinks that contained caffeine afterwards.

Don’t eat sugary breakfast food like donuts and cereals that are loaded with sugar. This really isn’t a good idea because they don’t offer you anything but you will gain weight. Beside, you will feel sluggish before lunch because you are having too much sugar.

Don’t eat a ton of fried foods because of the fats in them unless you really wish to gain weight. Lastly say no to junk food no matter what. They give you nothing but bad things to your body.