UTI Remedy Cure Urinary Infection with a Piece of Fruit


UTI Remedy Cure Urinary Infection with a Piece of Fruit

If you have suffered from repeat urinary tract infections over the past several months or years, you may want to consider using a natural UTI remedy instead of antibiotics. Thousands of people have made this switch and have found that natural remedies are more effective than antibiotics.

Unfortunately, the majority of doctors will only prescribe antibiotics as a urinary tract treatment. This is because antibiotics are the most effective pharmaceutical method of treating a urinary infection. However, more and more doctors are advising their patients to eat a piece of fruit for an effective UTI remedy.

Cure Urinary Infection with a Piece of Fruit

It may seem unlikely that you can cure your UTI with a piece of fruit, but doctors that specialize in natural health believe you can. Not only that, you can also prevent a urinary infection from returning.

Urinary tract infections are often the result of E. coli bacteria that has flourished in the urinary tract. Normally, a healthy immune system will fight off a urinary infection, but if you dont lead a healthy life, your immune system may be compromised.

Medical researchers have learned much about UTIs during the last decade, including how certain fruits can cure and prevent urinary tract infections. They have also learned effective ways of strengthening the immune system and keeping the urinary tract flushed of bacteria.


UTI Remedy Tips

1. Cranberries are often considered the best fruit for a urinary tract treatment. They contain a compound that will force the bacteria to release its grip on the urinary tract. Eat a cup of cranberries every day.

2. Grapes have the ability to increase the acidity of the urine and help restore your urinary system to health. Eat two cups of grapes during an active urinary infection.

3. Strawberries are also help keep your bladder flushed of bacteria because of the high fiber they contain. They will also help strengthen your immune system.

4. Dried blueberries and the leaves of the blueberry plant are also very useful in the treatment of urinary tract infections. By acting as an anti-inflammatory, blueberries can eliminate the urinary infection and prevent it from spreading.

5. You need to drink water throughout the day along with eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. Staying properly hydrated and eating high-fiber foods will help keep your body flushed of the infection-causing bacteria.